Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lessons 101

One of the other things I do is teach. And often, I am asked to teach a watered-down, fun-and-frolic version of what I do to under-10's. I'm good at it. They love me. But it's not really my thing.

On the outside, I'm saying, "Go, honey! You can do it! That's great! Good job! Wow!" but on the inside, I'm counting the minutes until my time there is up. They hug me, and they can't wait to come back next week, and I'm just glad to collect my pay and go home.

It's a lot like having sex for money.

Today's take - $400 out of which I paid hotel and it only took an hour. Wonder if that might be a marketing tactic - I charge with the idea that they can stay as long as they like, then make out well because they just want to get fully dressed and leave. In fact, one of the big differences so far is that when I have sex for fun, there's a lot of laying around naked that happens afterwards. When I'm a service provider, he can't wait to get dressed.

Went to Vicki's the other day and bought a bunch of new lingerie - Lover came with me and we also hit Macy's, where the dressing rooms were so deserted we practically fucked in the room. I lost my balls about going the whole way, but there was a lot of grinding with me in panties only.

I'm sitting in my hotel room, watching TV and using the wireless. I've made some discoveries:

1) I need to buy separate clothes as my instinct is to wash everything and when I mouthwashed, which I've never done before, I wanted to mouthwash my pussy.

So I think one or two dates a month will probably be sufficient, and I may not even do that. However, it is already fading into unreality - I'm still in the room and it's like he was never here.

2) It's been so long since I've had protected sex that I forgot that the wrapped-up part of the condom near the bottom of the penis pinches! Note to self - a little more lubricant wouldn't hurt, either.

I was definitely his fantasy girl. He had some bumps down there that I found a little freaky and I'm hoping it's benign as he claimed. When I discovered them during 69, I stayed calm but was totally freaked out and so ready to be done.

3) I'm normally a wild screaming orgasm-er. I yell "oh my God" and sometimes if I am feeling warmly, "I love you!". Today I faked two orgasms during oral (which never ever ever gets me off) and realized as I was getting into the first one that I have to tone it way down to be believeable. The after-orgasm voice is breathy and comes from my chest resonater. Gee, voice lessons *did* come in useful!

4) Having someone I'm not into lick my breasts makes me nauseous, which maybe I shouldn't place too much credence in as Lover is about the only person who can mouth my nipples and not make me nauseous. It's never been a great thing for me.

Have signed up at another escort board and am now getting PM's through that one, too. I don't think I'm ever going to advertise - I have another client scheduled for later in the month, and am likely to line up one more, and I just don't really want to see that many people. Again, it's like teaching 7-year-olds. The money is nice, and it's not actively repellent, but as a job I'd put it somewhere between grouting tile and cleaning the back of the stove. It doesn't actively disgust me, but having it done is better than doing it.

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Paige said...

Great post....Yeah, be especially careful about strange looking penises!