Thursday, December 28, 2006

First time for everything

So J met me - 30 minutes late after he moved our meeting time up an hour - at a coffee shop. I decided in about five minutes that he wasn't a psycho, was struck by his height (6'4") and his amazing brown eyes - I know, I know, brown is boring, but his were amazing.

We adjourned to a local suites hotel - bad neighborhood, but a nice room - and I couldn't help but think about a comment I heard when sharing a hotel room with a platonic roommate a few years ago - "Always take the bedspread off first thing, it's covered in hooker juice." We did not remove the bedspread. I had phoned in J's car make and license plate number to my Safety Friend along the way.

We made out a bit, J cautiously touching my ribcage, then getting bolder. His lips were soft, and he'd thoughtfully popped a mint prior. I asked for one, too - my first Altoid (no shit). He fingered me a little and I briefly wondered if he was having a hard time finding my clitoris - it's pretty small, and past lovers have had to exercise more than due diligence. He asked how this all worked, since it was his first time with a... I told him I didn't collect until the end. We both used careful don't-arrest-me language.

Off came most of my clothes - I kept the garter belt and panties on on the theory of gradually unwrapping the gift, and headed downhill. He was soft and gentle and his cock was not too big to take completely into my mouth. After about a minute, he had me stop so he wouldn't come right away, and asked about how much he was entitled to - I said, it's not a certain amount of time, it's not a certain number of acts, I'm happy to hang out and enjoy chatting until you're ready for round 2 and in the meantime would you like to come in my mouth? Or on my body?

3 minutes later, the marines landed. He tasted fine, so I swallowed. I hadn't planned to, but he seemed so sweet, and probably under-satisfied at home. He was pleased with the quality of the service.

10 minutes later, he got up and put his pants on. Didn't want a backrub, didn't want to wait for another shot - "I honestly don't think I have another one in me". I suspected that the guilt reflex was kicking in - either oh god, my wife, oh god, my kids, or oh god, this girl is surprisingly sweet and nice and I feel all weird about it. He told me I'd definitely been worth while, which I think he meant.

So - 275 in 45 minutes. When you factor in hotel, he paid about $100/minute for head.

I'd like to think I'm worth it.


Tom Paine said...

Wow, I came over here thinking "another bored housewife" and you're not only "Belle de Jour," but quite pretty and sensuous (at least from the cropped photo). Your utter lack of guile and total honesty floor me, as they are often lacking on blogs. Thanks for coming by. I didn't know you'd linked to me until I got here, but I have linked back. Good luck with your "career," you should do very well with all you have to work with, including a very sweet nature.

Mandy said...

Thank you very much - I've been following your blog, so I value your opinion!

I actually had the thought tonight, gee, it'll suck when my other work schedule heats up - I'm going to have to find ways to keep whoring if I want to keep blogging...