Thursday, December 28, 2006

First time for everything

So J met me - 30 minutes late after he moved our meeting time up an hour - at a coffee shop. I decided in about five minutes that he wasn't a psycho, was struck by his height (6'4") and his amazing brown eyes - I know, I know, brown is boring, but his were amazing.

We adjourned to a local suites hotel - bad neighborhood, but a nice room - and I couldn't help but think about a comment I heard when sharing a hotel room with a platonic roommate a few years ago - "Always take the bedspread off first thing, it's covered in hooker juice." We did not remove the bedspread. I had phoned in J's car make and license plate number to my Safety Friend along the way.

We made out a bit, J cautiously touching my ribcage, then getting bolder. His lips were soft, and he'd thoughtfully popped a mint prior. I asked for one, too - my first Altoid (no shit). He fingered me a little and I briefly wondered if he was having a hard time finding my clitoris - it's pretty small, and past lovers have had to exercise more than due diligence. He asked how this all worked, since it was his first time with a... I told him I didn't collect until the end. We both used careful don't-arrest-me language.

Off came most of my clothes - I kept the garter belt and panties on on the theory of gradually unwrapping the gift, and headed downhill. He was soft and gentle and his cock was not too big to take completely into my mouth. After about a minute, he had me stop so he wouldn't come right away, and asked about how much he was entitled to - I said, it's not a certain amount of time, it's not a certain number of acts, I'm happy to hang out and enjoy chatting until you're ready for round 2 and in the meantime would you like to come in my mouth? Or on my body?

3 minutes later, the marines landed. He tasted fine, so I swallowed. I hadn't planned to, but he seemed so sweet, and probably under-satisfied at home. He was pleased with the quality of the service.

10 minutes later, he got up and put his pants on. Didn't want a backrub, didn't want to wait for another shot - "I honestly don't think I have another one in me". I suspected that the guilt reflex was kicking in - either oh god, my wife, oh god, my kids, or oh god, this girl is surprisingly sweet and nice and I feel all weird about it. He told me I'd definitely been worth while, which I think he meant.

So - 275 in 45 minutes. When you factor in hotel, he paid about $100/minute for head.

I'd like to think I'm worth it.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Slogging Onward

Have sent off two more emails - both responded later that night - seems so far that almost everyone gets back to me on round one, but not sure what's happening in round two, after I respond. I've sent pics to two. Sent a price to two. Am trying to follow a plan of "let's meet for coffee first and then see ifyou want to go further" but perhaps this is just letting them chicken out?

I don't feel very professional. I feel a little desparate.

I'm tempted to put up an ad - so far the Craigslist in my (small) town has erotic services for only one girl, who posts repeatedly. Still, I think there's something to be said for an initial screening process.

Monday, December 25, 2006

How About Now?

So after much toying with the idea for many years, including a brief fling with a not-so-legit agency where we "disappointed" all the clients, I've made up my mind.

I'm gonna be a whore.

I don't know, maybe "I'm exploring the world of prostitution" sounds classier, but that feels like it should have "Mumsy dear" tacked to the end of the sentence.

Why blog about it? Well, apparently all the other ho's have blogs, so why not me?

The process has gone something like this:

Reason against: I live in a smallish town in which there is a high probability of being recognized by a client, either upon arrival at the appointment, or in the context of my other career.

Reason for: I'm tired of being broke.

Against: I'm married. And not in a 'well, this one'll do' way, but in a 'when I said death do us part I really meant it' way. That last was a surprising little discovery a few years ago during a trial separation which mercifully did not take.

For: I'm tired of being broke.

Against: I'm already busy with my other job, there's no agency in my town, I'm not willing to post my pictures on the net, I don't have any good pictures with this hair color and me looking sexy, I'll need to get another phone.

For: I'm really, really tired of being broke.

So I've started on a small scale - screening Craigslist for men who:

1) Can spell and punctuate with near-total accuracy.
2) Do not post photographs of their erect member alongside an urgent plea for a lady to join them right now in their hotel.
3) Do not begin with a challenge about "are you hot enough for me".

I tell them I'm a professional in the first line - delete if you will, mates - and add on a kicky little message hopefully demonstrating I'm fun, have a sense of humor, and worth every penny of the $275/hour I plan to charge them.

I sent four messages - three "looking for a lady" and one looking for a dominatrix. Three replies (the first three) right off the bat, two requesting a pic (I sent) and one requesting lunch right away (I delayed until after the day celebrating the Birth of Our Let's Ignore the Jewish Bit Lord and Savior).

I'll keep you posted...