Monday, January 22, 2007

Finer Points

I make an appointment for a get-to-know-you with a client.

We're going to meet at the shooting range.

"How will I know you?" I ask.

"I'm 58, 6 feet tall, and I'll be wearing a black leather jacket with a Marine Corps patch on one shoulder and my NRA patch on the other."

Should I be screening for politics?


Tom Paine said...

"Lady of the evening will fulfill all your fantasies. No gun nuts or red staters need apply."

dexplorer said...

No. Expand your horizons in this fantasy fulfillment service sideline you're dabbling in. It's not your "real life". Drop them at the screening meeting or thereafter if they try to obnoxiously proselytize or are otherwise grating.

You start taking the politics thing too far and you might just end up excluding people who wouldn't approve of a lifestyle like yours for their wife. Such hypocrisy, I know, seeing as they're happy to be clients. Which would exclude just about all your potential upper scale client base, myself and Tom Paine excepted.

Truly scary types, genuine racists, and the like excepted of course.