Friday, January 12, 2007


And here is what I do:

Shower - I have waited three days so my hair will turn out clean and not too dry.

Shave - I am the only girl I know who can shave every day, pits, mons, legs, all of it, without getting bumps or a rash. I leave some behind, though - it's well-trimmed but still there. Never been a fan of the naked eight-year-old look.

Dress - my own non-working bra and panties, since this one is a get-to-know-you-coffee only, tights and fishnets (it's freakin' cold out there), just past the knee tight wool pencil skirt, clingy sweater. I'm taking a pair of jeans to change into afterwards. Will never wear jeans to an appointment, not even pants. Struck by something a hobbyist (they call themselves 'hobbyists', I'm a 'Service Provider', SP for short) said on the bulletin board: 'Why do all the ladies post photos of themselves in sexy lingerie and cute nighties when they mostly greet me at the door in jeans?' I'm not here to be comfortable, I'm here to be a fantasy. Plus, I only own one pair of jeans so I don't wear them a lot anyway.

Hair - have recently learned how to use the straightening iron, waiting for terrible August haircut to grow out, there's one weird layer that ends at my ears in an otherwise shoulder-length cut.

Makeup - Enough so that I look hot, not enough to make Husband wonder where I am going.

This is more care than I have ever given to my appearance in my life. When all the other girls were learning to lip gloss and blowdry in eighth grade, I had my nose in a book. Probably "Maggot."

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