Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thumping the Melons

Met a fellow for coffee this morning, pre-gym - another one who says I'm better-looking than my pic, so time to change up the profile.

Had a bagel and coffee, he sipped coffee he didn't want, we chatted a bit nervously and tried not to attract the attention of the elderly (and perhaps unshockable) gentleman reading the paper at the next table.

I liked him, I'd date him in this context, he's interesting and shed some light for me on why some men see SP's (the wife is not terribly giving in this department, but the partnership is still important). I can absolutely empathize - I am with Husband 100% and forever, but I like dining out.

He walked me to my car. I hugged him and kissed him near the mouth. He reached around and...patted my ass. And said, "You know I've been wanting to do that, right?" A tiny part of my brain was shouting, "Excuse me, buddy! That is my personal ass and it's not just yours to--oh."

I guess I can't be offended if they want to check out the merch before plunking down the cash.


Jim said...

It's very interesting to read some of your ideas about escorting as you begin. I hope you keep it up, and I look forward to reading more. Do you have an e-mail account for feedback of a less public sort?

Mandy said...

Yes, I do, but I would need to be able to contact you first - I don't put my email here, because I'd like to be able to talk about my experiences without offending the gentlemen I meet. I probably need to get yet another email address :)

I'm glad you like it - how did you find me?

Jim said...

I found you by tracing back from a comment you made on another escort's blog. If you want to contact me first, you can reach me at strange1 at myway dot com.

Tom Paine said...

Well, I've seen that ass and I can't blame him for wanting to see what it feels like....