Tuesday, January 23, 2007


This morning I was lying in bed, enjoying warm blankets and a cat at my feet, and the phone rang - I had forgotten I agreed to babysit for the neighbor for an hour this morning. Client lunch at noon, but I think I'll be able to make it.

Neighbor home a little late, so I call the client, get his voicemail, ask if we can make it 12:15 or 12:30.

I am taking the world's fastest shower when he return-voicemails me back - he'd been hoping I could be early, guess we'll have to make it another time. I call him immediately to suggest that I can be there in 10 minutes and perhaps we could just have coffee? I again get the voicemail. Turn your damn phone on, buddy.

He doesn't call back. Which is just as well, as I discover upon hanging up that Husband has taken the blow-dryer out of town with him, and I suspect my drowned-rat hair will not lead to booking an appointment.

On a side note - the neighbor's children are adorable. Husband and I have proceeded from debating whether to debating when. I am frankly terrfied.

1) Not really a kid person, though I hear it's different when they are yours.
2) Perhaps this is shallow, but I like having a tight pussy and I'm worried it'll get all stretched out.
3) I'm worried, not that I won't be able to continue my sex life, but that I won't want to.

How's that for morning reflection?


Tom Paine said...

Motherhood changes you. Many women report a drop in interest in sex. Your lifestyle isn't very adaptable to children, I'm afraid, whether the multiple lovers or the biz.

I am coming out on the other side of raising three. I wouldn't trade them for a pony, as the saying goes, but I AM glad to be getting my life back. You definitely as "grounded" for awhile.

C. was very kid-phobic when we got married, then gradually morphed into a terrific mother. Now I'm trying to turn her back into a whore (well, not literally, but you get my meaning). Maybe you should talk to her?

Mandy said...

I'd like very much to talk to C :)

One thing I think I have going for me is that I've been very frank with Husband about the fact that I will not be stopping work for more than a short while, and that I am expecting him to be the stay-at-home spouse who provides better than 50% of the child care. Fortunately, he's on board with this, even welcomes it.

dexplorer said...

What tom said. Again.

Your answer to him's sort of a puzzle to me. If the work you're doing he knows about is not so well paying theater instruction, and he's going to be the stay-at-home spouse who provides more than half the child care, where's the money he knows about coming from? Or is there a fair bit of inherited or something?

Of course ignore this query if you like. It's more my wondering if you're being realistic.

You will be a rare woman if kids don't tug at your time, attention and priorities mightily, agreement with your husband or no.

dexplorer said...

Well, having read through March 4, I now understand the answer to my own question.

You really are a dynamo, aren't you?

Still wonder how the time thing can work out with so many balls in the air, unless hubby works far fewer hours, or could do so. 40 hr/wk nanny affordable? But of course you can figure all this out. I hadn't gotten the management / organizing dynamo side of you by this point at all, but certainly do by March 4.