Monday, January 15, 2007

(sings) Popular, You're Gonna Be Popular...

I have a personal email for my real life, a business email for my real business, and an anonymous email for escorting. It has now come to my attention that I need one more - so I can talk to people about this blog, without putting out the email I use to communicate with the clients who might be offended by comments like "I wanted to mouthwash my pussy."

I have a business/personal phone. I have a whore phone (pay-as-you-go, thank you Virgin, and no, the irony has not escaped me as I suspect it has not escaped Richard Branson).

I have an account at two hobbyist bulletin boards, which means I effectively get messages from four places about guys who want to meet. (On the boards, in email, on the phone, they are gentlemen and I am a lady. In here and my head, they're guys and I'm a whore.)

And to track it all, I have an Excel sheet. Who wrote back last, what pics I sent them, did I send my all-purpose basic information cut-and-paste with enough big words to scare off some of them, have they proposed a meeting yet, do I have their email, their phone, have I googled them, what did they say they like. You worry about forgetting your significant other's favorite perfume or birthday or the six and a half month anniversary of the day you met? I worry about confusing the DATY, BBBBTCIM, Region A Salesman Guy with the FS, MISH/RCG, Blonde/Blue, Do You Do Couples Guy from City B.

I have 12 guys in active play - as in, we are talking about when and where to have a coffee meeting. This is way too many. I'm scared to turn away clientele, but I think I need to not schedule any more of them for a few weeks. My next appointment is this week, and I'm trying to decide if I should see more than one guy - I'm travelling to another area, I'm already going to be in a hotel and I have the ability to make the bed like the maid does.

Will I feel slutty and nasty if I see more than one? Will it get around that I saw more than one even though I'm saying I don't, which I think is part of the charm (May be wrong on this one)? Or will I feel good about maximizing my time, making the most I can off of the travel time and hotel room?

A new development - I sent off a non-public photo of myself holding a prop that could be considered a BDSM prop. The guy I sent it to turns out to be very, very curious...


niadarkandlovely said...


You are so organised, excel sheet! I wonder how some women keep it all in their heads.

Mandy said...

I don't want to keep records, but I can't keep it straight otherwise...another reason to only see a few!