Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Notes on the Way Out the Door

Off to the gym, as I definitely need to work physically and hard today -yesterday was jaw-clenchingly full of paperwork. It's also another two-client day, so Gentle Readers, I look forward to considering your entertainment pleasure as I make it through "the moment".

Sexual Athlete today - he's been sending me texts about how he wants to "make me squirt." Um, buddy? 1) Jury's still out on squirting, but the one thing that is largely agreed is that it's rare and the woman has little to no control over it, let alone the man. 2) In the words of some immortal porn star, "Do I squirt? Well, I can pee, and I can make noises like I'm coming, so yeah, I squirt." And of course, 3) You have to make me come first. Which would involve, oh I don't know, listening. Though in the long run, he'd like to be a regular, so I probably should let him know some of this - gently - if I'm going to see him again.

Also NRA who is taking me to dinner prior, off the clock - although I agree with Compartments about my time is my time, I'd eat between appointments anyway, and this way it's paid for.

More to come...


A. said...

Actually, there is such a thing as real squirting, although in porn you're lucky if don't get a lens full of urine.

Squirting is a bit of a misnomer. With proper g-spot stimulation a woman will become extremely wet and sometimes it will gush out--something I am proud to have witnessed first-hand...first-pruney-hand.

Anonymous said...

I've always been interested in female ejaculation - I hope to cause it some day!