Thursday, February 1, 2007

Today's Dirty Little Secret

I *like* being a whore. I like it a lot. I like knowing men want me and will pay cash to have me. I like secrecy. I like dressing up. I like getting Starbucks half-light half-regular mocha Frappucino extra whipped cream please without having to raid my car's center console for change. I like buying pretty underwear. I like knowing that someone's going to see my naked body and make an estimate - a high one - about how much time I spend at the gym. I like going out for lunch because I feel like it without filling up with guilt about spending money from the household. I like not being a potential mom, not being an instructor, not being a wife, not being anyone's property. I like getting one more sweater on super double clearance at Nordstrom. I like reading other whore's blogs and agreeing and understanding. I like knowing that if I want to move to Rome or Paris or Prague or Minneapolis and live in a pied-a-terre near the good shopping neighborhood with one bedroom for business and one for pleasure, I can. (Do you think they have whores near the Mall of America?)

I like the word whore. I like that it's dirty. I like it the way I like slut. And Mandy. And mine.

When I was a dancer, about half my time, maybe three-quarters, I did my job and enjoyed physically moving around and swinging on the pole. But every so often, there would be a customer with the right mix of give it to me, please and you will give it to me that I'd get as much out of a dance as he would - more, when you add in the cash.

About two years after Prom, I ended up blowing my prom date. He said, "If I'd only known then what I know now..."



Al Laddin said...

So Mandy-

I like your blog.
I like the way you write.
I like WHAT you write.
I like the way you look.

So there.

Adam said...

I like your story.
I hope you win in the end.
I like pulling for you.

Tom Paine said...

You were on my mind (in many ways) when I wrote "God Bless the Whores" today.

Mandy said...

Thank you.

Thank you.

And thank you.

As a person, I'm genuinely touched, and pleased you like the story/my life.

As a writer, I'm fucking thrilled it's all getting through.

Made my day :)

Minneapolis Admirer said...

I live in Minneapolis and let me tell you the answer. Yes. They do have women of the profession in the area. Currently there's only hotels and some older apartments but if you look up the area, there's some brilliant condos coming up in the area that you may enjoy :)

Make the move :)