Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I plan a non-whore-related meeting and a get-to-know-you dinner with Ramen guy around a meeting with Circus Guy.

Circus Guy cancels, via email, last night.

So I move my real-life meeting and my dinner.

I call Circus Guy just to say hey and to try to get a reschedule. Evidently, talking to me gets him fired up again, and the meeting is back on. I reschedule everything else, find a hotel, and am headed that way.

BUT, after I knew I wouldn't be fucking, I had a junk food splurge and am now burping half a bag of chips and some onion-cayenne-dill dip.

Let's hope I don't fart my way through the evening...

I'll keep you posted.


Tom Paine said...

Euuuww! Glad to know I'm not the only one who has to watch the eruptions in bed. While many women find it gross, it sometimes means a man is comfortable around you. I consider it that when a woman farts around me.

Lux said...

OMG I can't even count the times I've started on a food binge because I thought I wouldn't have any work and then got a call and had to throw myself over the toilet to panic purge for ten minutes, shower, get ready, to arrive within an hour at the clients hotel, only to spend the hour with Him feeling genuinly sick. But I'd feel sicker still if I spent an hour with a client while my stomach is full of junk. Then again I have an eating disorder. I still feel for you though. I hope you managed to keep yourself "contained"...