Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Morning Post

So I’m visiting another city soon, and I thought, hey, why not do some business while I’m there? I put up a post, emphasizing my ability to make conversation and indicating that prospective clients should contact me with some information about themselves.

Fortunately, the very first response was articulate and in complete sentences, with an understanding of how this all works, a real name, a phone number and a location, as well as some comments on his employment and interests. I phoned to verify and aside from it being a bit of a drive, I’m good to go.

But I also get:

hey how's it going,
I am a very good looking male that is interested into getting to know someone like you not as just me paying for your services but having you and I be more then that. I am a very good looking male. I have a lot going for me the only reason I am sending you this is because I saw your ad and was so turned on that I would love to meet you for a drink some time or dinner...etc something like that. I know this is really forward if you are not interested its ok you do not have to reply but if you would like to meet sometime unprofessionally I would love to.

(I have already specified in the post that I will be available for one day only and I am coming from out of town.) Attached to this charming missive, he has sent me a picture of himself...

...with a young lady in his arms. They look so happy...


I need a face pic..............

My response: I need more information about you before we get to that point. Thanks!


Me: I think you will be happier with a different young lady.

And finally:

Are you in need of some pics for you posts? I have taken pictures for various escorts that post on [website], [alternative paper], and [bulletin board]. I will not disclose any names, as I am discreet about all I've taken pics for, and I expect that you would do the same courtesy for me. I take 100 pics with 3 costume/outfit changes for an hour of your services.

There’s more, and he’s very polite. I send back a little “thanks but no thanks” before I realize...trade for services? What? If this guy’s photography was worth $300 an hour, would he really be trolling the internet for whores who need better pictures?


Tom Paine said...

As a former professional photographer, I can tell you that LEGIT photographers with REAL SKILLS and SERIOUS TALENT are looking all the time for models. It's called various things, but the bottom line is you trade an hour or two of your time in front of his/her lens and in return get a CD and/or prints/slides.

Anyone who's legit will not object if you bring along a friend. If you're going to be photographed "in costume," just make sure the photog is interested. If it's in your birthday suit, there a tons of good people out there looking for models.

"Taking it out in trade" should be reserved for someone who's going to give you inside stock tips or fly you to a warmer climate on his private jet.

I hate assholes who prey on the naive or ignorant.

C. said...

Mandy - Wanted to leave a "I love reading your blog" fan appreciation note here! Tom turned me on to your writing & I visit on a daily basis. I'm not only charmed by your 'voice' & your humor, but am drawn to the deeper issues you talk about in your life. I admire your ability to write about your life with both wit & intelligence. But I find I am drawn by the sense of vulnerability that seeps through the words at times . . .

Wwonka said...

Great Blog. I really do enjoy
your writing.


Mandy said...

Thanks, Tom - I've done time-for-pics lots of times, and yeah, there are a ton of great, legit guys out there doing it! I'm just in awe at the sheer level of gall...

C - I'm working on a post for you :) I'm glad you enjoy reading - I feel privileged to know a bit about you through Tom's blog.

And wwonka, Hi :)