Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Reading Recommendation

There are two beautiful posts over at Viewing the Local Antiquities - one on who owns charity:

"Charity" and "whore" come from the same root. Can Randall Tobias and the rest of our depraved ruling class say that they share a whore's virtues?

and one written lyrically about "taking" in all its senses:

Taking my pleasure in the sound of her
Taking my pleasure on her
In her
With her

From the link above, scroll down for amazing writing.


John Psmyth said...


Thanks for the kind words. However, I see that I have confused Randall Terry with Randall Tobias -- understandably, I think!

I corrected it on my original post; can you correct it here?

Thanks again!

Mandy said...

Done :) I hope you'll link me one day :)