Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sugasm #79 - Top Three!

I had a lot a lot a lot of fun making "Whore Sex Vs Not Whore Sex, Episode 2", and I'm very glad it was appreciated! I loved "Who Wants Pretty Blowjobs Anyway" (in the Top Three), and also highly recommend "Playing With Punishment Books" for those of us who wonder just how early everyone else realized they were into BDSM. But if you only read one sex worker post this week, "Reflections on the Foot Slut" captures both what we truly do and why we do it. Even the straight porn was especially well-written this week (and you know my position on poorly-written porn). So hang out and browse...

Sugasm #79
Mon 14th May, 07

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #80? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form.

This Week’s Picks
Joshua Three - Part Two (…)
“Gently, I bit his earlobe, as his hands wandered lower to where i was primed, slick and ready for them.”

Who wants pretty blowjobs anyway? (…)
“If any moment in that night would’ve gotten me off, that would’ve been it.”

Whore Sex Vs. Not Whore Sex, Episode 2 (…)”I push him down again and have what I want.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Private Lives, Public Places (…)

Editor’s Choice
Failing to have sex (…)

More Sugasm
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Erotic Writing and Experiences
Dirty Mouthed, Hungry Slut (…)
Doing the G (…)
Fucks like a knife (…)
Her Lickety Splits (…)
I really shouldn’t drink (…)
Indecisive (…)
It Works Every Time (…)
Let’s go for a ride 1 (…)
Map (…)
Ms. Wolfe (…)
My Biggest Sexual Fantasy (…)
Teacher on Teacher Part Four…. (…)
Teacher on Teacher - Part V (…)

Sex News & Reviews
Girdle Love DVD Review (…)
I’ve Got Rants In My Pants (…)
Kama Sutra French Vanilla Creme Body Souffle Review (…)
Toy Review: The Eroscillator (…)

BDSM & Fetish
Andre’s good with the whip (…)
Happy HNT - Ghost Rider Fantasy (…)
Hot Tuesday Night (…)
Meeboguest G confesses: “I know not to cum” (…)
Playing with Punishment Books (…)
Pretty in Pink (…)

NSFW Pics, Videos & Audio
Audio: A New Toy for Self Play (…)
Chastity Clock: The Lizard’s Predicament (…)
Feel Her (…)
Half-Nekkid in Stockings (…)
Half-Nekkid Ode to the G-String (…)
Jade | Netikas (…)
Mistress Melissa of The Chateau (…)
A new french friend (…)
One Toque Over the Line (…)

Sex Work
Reflections on the Foot Slut (…)

Sex Humor
The Story Of W - A President’s Submission (…)

Thoughts on Sex and Relationships
It’s My 1-Year Blog-aversary! Happy Birthday, Total Sensuality!! (…)
Jiggle, Skin and Giggles (…)
When I’m on top (…)

Sex & Politics
On what obviously sells. (…)
Sex Cults (…)

Italian stockings courtesy of Sweat Shop Sissy.

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