Monday, April 30, 2007

Unlimited Ride Wristband Night!

Here’s what I got to ride at the midway:
Power Surge
Giant Ferris Wheel
Monkey Jungle
Wacky World
Alpine Bobsleds
Giant Slide (3 times)

Here’s what I didn’t get to ride:
Secret Scientist

But his girlfriend is totally hot...

On another note, Power Girl and I were propositioned by carnies at, of course, the Merry-Go-Round. Nothing says wholesome, child-oriented-ride like a guy with six teeth letting you know he gets off in half an hour. I figure it’s like the way they train dolphins – if the reward comes all the time, the desired behavior gets sloppy, the animal will do only the minimum to get the treat. But if the rewards are irregular and unpredictable…well, they’re motivated to do their very best every time. Good try, Flipper – and keep up the good work!

(Amazing photo courtesy of World of Juice Juice, if you ever read to comment on your pics but can't find a link or even a way to contact you on your site.)

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