Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sugasm #75 - Yay, Tom!

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #76? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form..

This Week’s Picks
I make store clerks nervous (http://deliciously-naughty.typepad.com)
“So you told my husband that this month’s Hustler was awesome?”

PSO Anniversary (http://radicalvixen.com/blog)
“I think if most wives/girlfriends knew what their Sos were truly into they’d be grateful I talk to them and they don’t have to deal with it.”

Tighter: the apartment (http://erotischism.blogspot.com)
“She started contractions on my fingers and made those little indescribable sounds that signaled her orgasm.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Danni Drops DRM (http://sugarbank.com)

Editor’s Choice
Gay Expectations: When Is It Sex? And Does This Count? (http://perverselypoly.blogspot.com)

More Sugasm

Join the Sugasm

Erotic Writing and Experiences
Amuse-Bouche (http://junohenry.wordpress.com)
Finally (http://edinerotica.blogspot.com)
He taught me how to masturbate (http://lastbreath.wordpress.com)
I turned the tables (http://thesilentmale.blogspot.com)
“I Never” Without the Drinking Part (http://thismuse.blogspot.com)
Over a Barrel (http://gentlygently.blogspot.com)
A perfect day….. (http://clearslate2007.wordpress.com)
Preparation (http://thenakedrhetoricaltruth.blogspot.com)
Shop til ya drop (http://nocloudnine.blogspot.com)
Taste Honey (http://bikersballsandteacherstits.blogspot.com)
Unexpected, Part Two (http://alittleoutoftune.blogspot.com)

Sex News
AAHAHAHAHAHA-HAHAHAHAHA—HAHAAAAAA! (http://www.quipsandchains.com)
Announcing The Confessional - Our New Blog For The “Confessors” Among Us (http://eroticjournals.blogspot.com)
You’re Invited to the Playboy Mansion Party (http://www.taratainton.com)

BDSM & Fetish
Affinity to Verbal Humiliation (http://www.the-iron-gate.com/lunaslessons)
Half-Nekkid on Good Friday (http://sweatshopsissy.wordpress.com)
Happy HNT - Sexy Geisha Fantasy (http://darkside-journey.blogspot.com)
Marked (http://thebutterflytemptress.com)
Meeboguest G confesses: “I was dripping” (http://anawtymouz.blogspot.com)
Rods for their own backsides (http://www.spankingwriters.com/blog)

Sex Work
Now, Baby, That’s Nasty (http://lipstickexplosion.com)

NSFW Pics (& videos)
21st Century Fertility Figure (http://cakeandcock.blogspot.com)
Boobs + Head == Happy Him (http://www.cultoftheturtle.com)
Caught PeekingHNT (http://domain2.blogspot.com)
Hot Wife in the Kitchen (http://kitchen-girls.blogspot.com)
Nora Marlo nude self portraits (http://eroticandy.blogspot.com)
So I Saddled Up My Horse (http://tomscockwhore.blogspot.com)

Sex Politics
Imus: Wading Into the Waters of Rage (http://smutandsteff.com)
Is “Hobonanism” A Word? (http://mikeymongol.blogspot.com)

Thoughts on Sex and Relationships
Ch- Ch- Ch- Chan-ges! (http://totalsensuality.blogspot.com)
Hidden Pussy And The Troubles It Causes (http://secretbrain.blogspot.com)
My First Pussy (http://eroticawriter.blogspot.com)
Tmi tuesday #78 (http://hard-and-fast.blogspot.com)

Sexy pic courtesy of Biker’s Balls and Teacher’s Tits.


Tom Paine said...

Thanks, good-lookin', I figure it's usually gonna be a three-way between you, me and Juno now that LFM is on hiatus.

Res said...

Three Cheers, to Tom!!

(umm..and you, and I, and like, all the Sugasmer's too)

~~"pour some sugar on me"
[Def Leppard]

xx,Res. 4/20/07.