Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mandy Pronounces With Great Judgementalism (is that even a word?)

So as you may have noticed, Gentle Readers, I participate in the Sugasm. (Fellow bloggers, I highly recommend it – I’ve gotten a lot of traffic from it, and also discovered a number of good writers.) Every week, I submit my link, and get an email of all the submitted links to vote on – everyone votes for their top three, no fair voting for yourself. Now I can’t vouch for how everyone else does it, and some weeks I get pressed for time and don’t send in my votes, but I usually read every single submission before voting. La Fille Mariee, Gillette, Always Aroused Girl and Tom Paine are consistently good, and there’s always a few newcomers I’m pleased to discover. (Newcomers to Sugasm, that is, I’m pretty new to the blogosphere myself). But I’m also learning a lot about what I like in porn.

*Note to the satirically challenged – the quotes are made up.

“I felt her writhe beneath me as I thrust my throbbing member into her tight little flower. After she drenched the bed with her multiple screaming orgasms I left the money on the dresser.”

Whoring from the client’s perspective is not hot, because my first thought (accurate or not) is generally, “umm, yeah, right…” Actual whores (Compartments) are generally not writing about how hot it is to be with clients.

“You ring the bell and I usher you into my apartment dressed only in a lacy negligee. You see the rosy tint of my nipples through the sheer black fabric, and you can’t help reaching out to caress my woman-buds with your thumb. I moan, instantly aroused, and guide your hand downwards to the wetness of my cunt, already soaking with desire for you.”

I’m not into second-person porn. Feels fakey-fake to me. See also:

“He guided his hard tool into my moist pink tunnel. I felt him pause at the tight entrance and urged his manhood into me. “Impale me with your love-engine,” I whispered, flicking my tongue along the curve of his ear, feeling him tense his rock-hard thigh muscles with anticipation. As he thrust his eight-inch cock roughly into my pussy, already dripping with need for his smooth, warm flesh, I leaned into the washroom door.”

Doctor! We need an adjective-ectomy, stat! Descriptive porn doesn’t float my boat unless I’m skipping through to get to a good part at the moment of orgasm.

I’m not interested in reading about someone else’s fucking. I’m interested in reading about their love, or their power exchange, or their discovery, or their life. A sex session may be the best way to illustrate one of those themes, but if there’s not a theme beyond sex, I’ll buy a Hustler Variations. At least I can read that on the subway.


dexplorer said...

Judgementalism (is that even a word)

If not it is now. Or should be. (We just need to bump your traffic a bit further.) A perfectly excellent neologism.

Your writing is spare, fully believable, generally fascinating even when it’s not directly about or even at all about erotic subjects, and often highly erotic – probably always so when you want it to be.

Excellent writing indeed.

Have you come across “Jane’s” “fallen girl falling” sex blog about her experiences as a high end, and in fact moving ever higher end, 28-30yo NYC escort => handful of regulars Courtesan? Her writing is similarly spare, and she also has a revelatory and believable voice. She probably has an even higher sex drive than yours **ghasp** (or you’re holding out on us girl  -- never thought I could say something like that until finding her after you, by way of Gillette), and is also like you often highly erotic in a concise, adjective light, and original way. Gillette is a big fan.

She’s discontinued the blog, but not The Life. She has a rotating stable of fuck buddies and bf’s one of whom knows of the Life and the others who just think she’s just an incredible but beautiful slut who can get away with anything, which is why she’s so slippery. She also has a straight job probably in the arts world – my guess in or for a Manhattan gallery or perhaps art museum. There are clues. By the end she has a fiancé, probably The Playwrite, who knows and is ok with The Secret – but that’s about when she discounted it. She said she’ll be starting up again under a different nom de plume. Where oh where is her transmogrification now?

Like you she's basically sweet to people when she's with them, and tries not to hurt people. More than you she ends up hurting men with regularity anyway, but not clients, to whom she has a rather fierce loyalty (and does contortions to drop everything to please, which mostly excites her) if they treat her well -- and oh they do.

Me think you like. Me virtually certain you’ll like. Might even further inspire you. Read from day one in May 2006 (harlotry began in 2004 following fetish modeling following a degree in I’d guess art history, but there are flash backs). It’s not that long. Be sure to read the comments and her responses, which are often fun and interesting. A bit less long than yours. She says she’s gonna take it down completely before long so don’t delay too much:

dexplorer said...

The link above is incomplete. Trying again:

As an active link that's fallen girl falling.

Gillette said...

Wow, thanks for the nod and the link, Mandy! Thanks!!

Tom Paine said...

Hey, Beautiful, thanks for the praise. You're my first read every morning, so I can't think of a time I didn't vote for you (usually joined with Juno and LFM). Gillette would complicate things if she Sugasmed, since I adore her thorny, intense, dense treatises on life and sex.

But I think that much of Sugasm is well, inferior. Two paragraphs of indifferent prose about little. And much of the sex blogging is, well, repetitive. How many times can bulging members penetrate throbbing pussies and be interesting?

Maybe I'm too old and you're too jaded?

Anonymous said...

Oh Mandy... this made me laugh my ass off (if only it could be literal). Your observations and commentary are right on target... and thank you so much for the nod. :)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with LFM on this one, that was fucking hilarious (I had to share it with my wife). I also wish it had made my ass smaller.
Now you got me thinking about how I write erotic stuff and whether or not I can meet your standards of good porn to read (wink wink). It may not be hustler subway good, but I'll do my best when I write erotic.

dexplorer said...

For any of you new readers out there or those who haven’t read the whole blog, who want a sample of some of Mandy’s own hot erotic writing that while not I guess in this piece entirely about just sex, sure does focus on describing the sexual situation and then acts in highly erotic term - ok in a scene shot through with a whole rip tide of power exchange, check this Water, Water Everywhere….

You may just be able to discern the difference in writing style from the spoofed passages she throws out above. There are a number of similarly hot erotic stories throughout her blog. Pretty much the whole damn blog’s exciting or fascinating in one way or another though. Start at the beginning. Best way.

dexplorer said...

Mandy said—

Actual whores (Compartments) are generally not writing about how hot it is to be with clients.

I’m sure that’s generally true. But one of the things that’s surprised me in my journey around and through sex blogs, mostly female sex blogs, some of which are call girl or courtesan sex blogs, is how often they do seem to manage to have sex with clients which is exciting to them.

Call girl next door (who certainly describes a good deal of bad as well as good experiences and who has a lot of trouble with the secrecy and lying to straight friends) said something very interesting about this. She described the money exchange with her better regulars as substituting not for good sex (which she often got with them) but for emotional commitment. She said that although she often had a lot of casual sex before beginning escorting and enjoyed the sex, she also sometimes or often felt a bit empty or even dirty inside afterwards even though the sex and chemistry was good and even when it was she that didn’t want the commitment, as it usually was. She said she never felt that way when she was well paid for good casual sex with a regular.

That the sex is as enjoyable as it often seems to be with regulars or new clients that make the grade to become that really did surprise me, especially since it seems the main purpose of these blogs, aside from exercising and sharpening writing skills, particularly in the case of sex workers engaging in acts they feel they must keep hidden from most of their friends and most men they might date outside of work, is to reveal and share anonymously with a small group of commenters their true feelings about their secret experiences. If these blogs don't usually tell the truth at least how the blogger feels about these experiences, then what does?

You for example described a hot and exciting time with the Circus Guy. Ok that didn’t work out so well after a couple of times because he tried to convert into being a non paying bf and decided he couldn’t keep affording you on a paying basis. But perhaps that might have worked out differently if he had fatter bank and you perhaps had a bit more experience in handling such attempts. Or perhaps not with him.

Enjoying sex with clients seems to be mostly a matter of sufficiently screening clients, mostly seeing regulars who the working girl has further screened by her personal and sexual experiences with them, not seeing too many so as to be able to recharge and not get too worn out emotionally or physically, and being sufficiently in demand in a good enough market (the later being a challenge for you outside a not so big Midwestern city it seems) that these extensive strictures still allow enough bank. Oh and also having a hyper-sexual nature and enjoying lite emotional involvement sex if it and the chemistry are good.

No doubt there are harlots who don’t even like to f*ck that much or to f*ck anyone they don’t love or any male etc.

The one who does this the most successfully that I’ve seen, is Jane, who I link above. Gillette of “Ex Courtesan in Tradition” also did that very successfully, in a different sort of way. Her blog is readily searchable and she sometimes comments here.

someguy said...

It's prolly "judgmentalism". There's no E in judgment. Well, okay...there's one.

dexplorer said...

For those wanting to google it, Gillette's blog is "Ex Courtesan in Transition".

Sorry for the typo(s).

Res said...

YAY!! The sugar is sweet, and so are you!


(so, how about now??)


The Man said...

I'm so with you on most of this. Reading endless descriptions of cocks going into various orifices is tedious, to say the least. People seem to forget that sex is 90% between the ears, not the legs, and I want to know what's going on there, for all participants. I want to read about feelings, the doubts, guilt, euphoria, insecurities, and so on, because then I can put my own thoughts in contexts.

The nature of the modern world is that you can have a sexual relationship with someone on the other side of the world. The fact that you aren't ever in the same room doesn't seem to make a difference. At least one of your regular reader will know this ;)

Thanks for this blog, btw - one of the most interesting I've read in some time. You've inspired a post on, erm, whores, which I'll post in a day or so.