Monday, April 30, 2007

Question - Ads?

I'd like to make a little money off of the blog, since I'm spending a fair amount of time on it. Google AdSense yanked when they found out I write about sex. Shame, really. Anyone have any good ad programs they like?


dexplorer said...

I'd suggest emailing Chelsea Girl. She's got an email link at her site.

She's been around awhile and has quite a few adds that rather look like they pay.

She also I think tends to check these sorts of things out pretty deliberately. However, she does have pretty high traffic for a sex blogger, I think.

Amanda said...

I run Google AdWords for my book and they appear on "network" sites (meaning AdSense sites). I would imagine that the ads appear on adult or sex sites. Did Google tell you they dropped you because of the sex angle? Or did they offer no explaination and this is your best guess?

You could try signing up with They shouldn't have a problem with you!


dexplorer said...

As it happens, I just saw these two nuggets over on Always Aroused Girl:

*Bloggers, I still have a couple more invites to BlogAds (it's invitation only to start an account); email me if you'd like one.

and, re: persistence paying off with Google Adsense:

*Last week AdSense granted my (second) request for an account. I'm terrified to say more about it, because Ye Olde AdSense Gods are rumored to yank accounts faster than you can say "cunnilingus." (Don't worry; I'm still going to say cunnilingus.)

Tom Paine said...

Viviane seems about half ads and I presume is making money from it.

A. Reader, Esq. said...

Maybe it's the jaded ole futz that am I, but I've never seen how blogs can generate much money (ok, maybe pizza and some Pez).

I mean Chelsea Girl finally added product ads but for her it's led to giving up her post-graduate degree and moving into writing full-time which she's been getting published in some magazines around the intertubes and in-print.

Her blog helped launch her writing career and gain an audience. She is afterall from NYC.

Well, have to go back to writing anti-sex policy and get prepared for my massage tonight. Hmmm. I wonder why Miss Pamela hasn't been returning my calls lately? And what would news reporter want with my phone records anyway?

A. Reader, Esq.

Ps: there are those who can prove me wrong on the blogs. Aren't there?

A. Reader, Esq. said...

Btw, maybe the best way would just buy a share of Google stock. Let them do all the work.

A. Reader, Esq.

Ps: My name is A. Reader, Esq. and I approve this message.

Kevin said...

AdBrite is fine for sites with much more adult content than this. I make an astounding $2 a month with Adbrite from my site

Mandy said...
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Mandy said...

Thanks, all for the great suggestions! I had AdWords and Google took it off after the "First Client" post saying I had adult material...

Eric said...

Google is pretty spotty when it comes to enforcing their TOS and spottier when it comes to defining exactly what constitutes "adult content". Probably because there's a pretty big conflict of interest between Google that just wants click throughs and advertisers that go "ZOMG my ads on a porn site!"

If you really want adsense the easiest workaround is to set up a separate blog about your kitten and request an adsense account for that one. Once you have the ID you can use it most anywhere else you can include a bit of javascript. I've run it on a few (now defunct) "adult" sites without any trouble, though you're probably getting more traffic than I ever did with those, so you might not fly under the radar as easily as I did.

(Though honestly I'd go with the advice above and look into whatever Chelsea Girl is using)