Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Little Milestone

Wow. I got one of those stat-counter thingies, and it's been over 10,000 (unique) hits in 17 days. Pretty nifty! Anyone know how many of those are attributable to 'bots?


gentlereaderofthemuse said...

It's impossible to guess how many of those hits are coming from webcrawlers. If you'd like to reduce the chances that your blog is visited by robots, just follow these directions:

Tom Paine said...

My hit counter shows that many visitors are coming from search engines. I'm not quite sure how else one gets new readers, other than them stumbling upon your site or getting referred from a link or comment on someone else's site.

I know, for example, that a number of my readers have become regulars here because of the link and my writing about Mandy (I say that for informational purposes, and not to charm her knickers off her lovely ass). But I know that some of my readers came to me by searching various terms, whether legitimate (e.g., "polyamory") or otherwise ("hot+wife+with+big+cock+in+each+hand").

Mandy said...

I checked the tracker that shows where people are coming from, and I don't think it is 'bots after all - that is, people are finding me through search engines, and they are finding me through links (just got a nice mention in Fleshbot that got 366 hits today(!)), and through good friends and fellow bloggers like Tom, and Mercurial Girl, whom I really need to add, and they are getting posts through RSS feeds, but it's apparently not random non-human page views, as far as I can tell.

I feel all special :)

Tom Paine said...

You've got brains AND good-looks, as well as a wicked sense of humor. Congratulations on the Fleshbot thing!

Eric said...

What stats package are you using? Most of them should actually break it down by bot or unique visitor, etc.

Feedburner offers a pretty good one now, IMHO, plus they can track the number of RSS subscribers you have as well.

But my advice is not to worry too much about your traffic. Trying to make sense of it can easily drive a person insane, and it's too easy to get sucked into it and become a traffic whore.

Just keep focusing on writing a great blog (as you have been), and the audience will find you and grow naturally.

Al Laddin said...

Well I can't remember how I found you, but you are my current ATF!

Anonymous said...

I think I found you by accident after typing classiccourtesan into my URL window and following links. A lucky find I think. I'd been wondering who these people are that work in and patronize the sex industry. Last time I checked I was all organic.

Keep writing Mandy.