Thursday, March 22, 2007

Be Right Back

Gentle Readers, I've been a pale, green-y, wheezing sick for five days in three cities. I'm also working up a storm - a winning combination for everyone! I will be resuming regular posting tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday.

I'll probably skip the story about paying the rental car guy to drive me to the checkpoint after the shuttle pulled away and then missing my flight anyway because I forgot to put my mascara in my "quart zip-top plastic bag", which got me searched. Thoroughly. And not in a good, Penthouse-letters kind of way. Let's just say I won't be exploring my newly-discovered bisexuality with any officers of the TSA.


Tom Paine said...

When you come to NY, we'll search you in ways that will make your new discovery blossum. Get well soon, we all miss your wit and candor, as well as your writing.

At a party the other night as a woman got off explosively, I turned to C. and said "her Auntie Mame moment," and she smiled a knowing look my way.

Francesca said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Mandy said...

Thanks :) I'm working my way back to health!

Glad Auntie Mame is sticking for you :)