Friday, August 31, 2007

Headed East


Man Who Loves Stars
Secret Scientist and his sidekick Hairline Boy
Fucked-Up Guy
Another one I haven't named or talked about yet



Away from...

Tourist, looking forward to a fly-in.

Power Girl, in the aftermath of the world's fastest breakup, still kind enough to describe the difficulty as "a mutual lack of compromise" instead of "no matter how many days I go to church with you I won't be a housewife or move to the political right."

Beautiful Girl, once again in thrall to a Penis Flytrap.

Husband, whom I am very, very sorry to leave. He's made me a mix CD. I'll probably cry.


la fille mariƩe said...

Terribly curious about the man you haven't talked about yet. Hmmmm. Enjoy. :)

dusio said...

Great blog, I'm hooked. Not sure if it's on the blog or you.

Cunning Linguist said...

lol... penis flytrap. Excuse me while I ponder on that one. Yeap, it's good and worth some points. *claps*

Anonymous said...

hmpf. more like musical crack addiction. being a thousand miles apart, we haven't been having enough sex to attain flytrap status, though the music we make together brings me to god and i crave it like the night craves the moon.


visiting him tomorrow, however, and perhaps the penis will entrap. and perhaps i will report. *toothy grin*

Lolly said...

Hope YOU come back with some tasty tales ;)

Will said...

~~Headed East?

Are you coming to New York??

~~(jeppers! I've been busy!... lack of blog reading is showing!)

so? How about now?

~X, Will~

Brock Landers said...

The more I read this blog the more I want to have sex with the author.

Anonymous said...

Good writing seems to be a turn on for a lot of guys.


Mandy said...

Thanks :)

I'll have to do some good writing...

I've been settling in to a new place to live, which I will shortly depart...hoping to write in the next day or so, so tired of not having any time!

love to all -