Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Eleven of us. Two on this bed, two on that, several sprawling on the floor, the suitcase bench, the armchair, lounging against the doorway to the bath. The jacketed waiter has brought glasses on a linen-draped tray and the new guitar shimmers, pickups gleaming and the body gently aglow. We turn down the ipod and the amp, he plays unplugged - "Dark Lady, hellish angel," "out of time..." The lyrics fade out the open window, his cellphone glows as he resurrects the words.

Later there is the story of the man we all know who climbed out the window and then, locked out, emerged from the fire escape into another room, padding past sleeping guests through to the hall, the elevator, security later arriving at his room to see him in his hotel robe, covered in fire escape grime and leaves, 'can't imagine who that could have been, don't you chaps havce decent security?'

At two we turn to pumpkins, sleepy hugs goodbye, sleeping on the short drive, leaving, having left.


dexplorer said...


This post made little if any sense to me. Whatever.

What I really, really hope for, is some deeply, searchingly honest, talk about your relationship with husband, and what he does and doesn't know.

You never talk about sex with him. At all. That's pretty unusual in an intelligent sex blog. You're about being a boundary pushing (broad def.) artist. This is something to address, as a writer.

Is he in fact more sub to you than you like to admit? Or less, voluntarily, than you wish he were? Or is he now, at this stage, just a security blanket that really you kinda know you should move on from, since you don't need it anymore? Or someone you're deeply emotionally connected to?

Or what?

Mandy said...

I didn't write it to be a complete, sense-making piece - it's more of an image. Sorry it wasn't to your taste :)

I don't write a lot about Husband for two reasons:

1) We don't have a lot of sex. The kind we have is not terribly porn-ish, thus not something I write a lot about.

2) The relationship I have with Husband is too private and too precious to publicly dissect.

I've noted your comments and am considering writing a bit more about that part of my life. I'll just lay out there for now that I adore him and am not looking to leave, but I'm not by nature monogamous and I have different sexual tastes in both type and quantity than he does.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mandy,

I'm glad you're finding time to write. I've missed you.


unbridledesires said...

This post made my mind go right to the scene in Animal House during the toga party where they showed the people sitting on the steps relaxing. Belushi then comes over to smash the guitar on the wall.

I enjoyed the image. Especially when one climbed out the window and was locked out. I can only imagine the look on the faces of security when they saw him standing there in a robe. LoL


dexplorer said...

That would be really great Mandy.


New Diarist said...

I also had a frat house visual after reading this. Either that or Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale.

Randysrandy said...

Hi Mandy -

This is a wonderful piece, capturing so economically two moments of hotel life and linking them together. And of course, one can't help but wonder who the lucky one is who got to leave with you.

I too am very very glad you are finding more time to blog.

And as for what you should or should not be writing about here, my preference is that I come here and you surprise me with your own editorial sense of which piece(s) of you belong here and which do not. Like everyone here, I want to know more about you, but more than that, I am enjoying the manner and the pace at which you are revealing it.

For me, if I begin to get the feeling that you have begun to write for what your readership wants or expects, then you will have lost me (I have TV for that when I want it anyway), as I will begin to wonder if what you are revealing is truly you.

Just my $0.02.


Anonymous said...

... Sounds like an enjoyable night.