Friday, August 24, 2007

Today I Am...

1) Crushing hard on a Kiwi who plays the ukelele.

2) Bitter that I'm not better at my job.

3) In another time zone.

4) Out of love.

5) Totally thwarted in #1.

6) Wearing a totally ridiculous outfit...

7) ...that I am paid to wear.

8) (Not like that)

9) Alternately loving and hating my hair.

10) On the edge of tears.

11) Behind on a big project.

12) Transported by said Kiwi playing "Sweet Child Of Mine" on said ukelele

13) (Including the guitar riff)

14) to another girl.

15) (Context is important)

16) Contemplating starting a Facebook.

17) Definitely out of love

18) and calling on Beautiful Girl

19) to help me stick to #17.

20) Because if he puts his hand on the back of my neck, it's all over.

21) Craving Thai salad rolls

22) which will be made for me by a tiny Laotian woman

23) whom I think understands how much I love them.


la fille mariƩe said...

Not so convinced about #4.

Randysrandy said...

A most unique poet you are...

Blissfully Wed said...

Always intriguing.

unbridledesires said...

If 4 was true, 10 wouldn't be and 17 wouldn't have to be stated again...

But it is ok Mandy, 'cause, this too shall pass.

Hang in there.

Al Laddin said...

Sorry about 4,17,19,20.

I'm going through that too. Sux, sux, sux, sux, sux...

...and I'd go back in a minute. Even though it's not good for me. Who the hell knows what's good for me, anyway...ME?????

Jeez, I'm confused.

Edtime Stories said...

sounds like a rough day...
hope the weekend looks better

Anonymous said...

darling friend, i must agree with married girl when i say that i am unconvinced by #4. like i said to lover, the biggest passion in your life is your art, and nothing and no one could keep you from it. and you STILL get bored with it sometimes, get cranky with its inability to fulfill all your needs, you plateau with it and become disenchanted for semi-prolonged periods. and IT IS YOUR DEEPEST PASSION. how could you be surprised when these other, mortal passions, peopled with fallible humans and their non-lofty aspirations, fall short of that mark as well? cut your relationship some slack, my darling. unless you require/prefer the drama and the adrenalin of the emotional highs and lows...?

or i may be reading more into the situation due to recent conversations elsewhere. relationships sometimes require grit and determination to see them through, and you fulfill the grit quotient with your marriage. your lovers, thusly, have the privilege and responsibility of being fluffy and constantly inspiring. if you have ceased to be inspired, by all means, buh-bye. (sorry, lover.). if, however, you are waxing and waning with the moon and your relationship's natural cycles, and lover makes you happy as much as/more than not, and you are often very good to and for each other, and you want him enough to tell him how you will be swayed (see #20) and... and ... and...

you see where i'm going with this. *smile*

in other news, i have downed half a wedge of brie and crackers writing this, listening to early ray charles and thinking of the long-ago when we would make cheezy kibble trays and graze our way through supper. i miss you, groovy girl. me

dexplorer said...

You tease.

You consummate tease.

Mandy said...

Beautiful Girl, you are so smart and you know me so well...I have not yet thought about it from that perspective, and it sheds a lot of light.

Thanks for the hand-holding, all - it helps :)