Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bits and Pieces

...At Walmart, the cashier examines a box belonging (upon payment) to the young half-Asian man in front of me. “What is this?” she asks. He spends the next five minutes explaining, with my help, what couscous is and how one eats it. At least she’s curious enough to ask. I find it more astonishing that one can now purchase couscous in a box at Walmart...

...At a gas station, filled with bikers on their way to a rally – a lady in chaps and a black leather bikini with studs unconcernedly chats on her cell while male bikers snap her picture from behind. The fellow on the other side of the gas pump island is so riveted he overfills his tank, gas streaming down the sides of his new vintage-look Harley. Finally the shouts of the people at the other pump alert him. The puddle is four feet across. I pray no-one lights up a smoke...

...I recommend the video for Pink’s latest, U+URHand. I adore how it celebrates girls, role-playing and dressing up. When I was a dancer, I would have (perversely) used it as a song every set (I knew it was time to stop dancing when I kept using Phil Collins’ “I Don’t Care Anymore”)...

...I missed two days of posting (but not writing) due to two all-night drives (they don't have wireless at Customs), but I needed to get this one up, because I read my favorite blogs by clicking over from my links list, and I like to do this while in bed with Husband. (Open Relationship=Mostly OK; Rubbing His Nose In It=Not Cool). So I need to get the photos of me SUCKING SOMEONE ELSE’S COCK off the front page...


Anonymous said...

dearheart, is husband really that incurious? i mean, there you are typing away IN BED WITH HIM, writing is obviously a passion for you and important to you. does he never wish to see what you write, discover who you are becoming? hmpf. love you, me

Al Laddin said...

BG HAS a point. Interesting observation.

dexplorer said...


I wish you'd level with us more about the "open relationship=mostly ok" business. I get the rubbing his nose in it is not part.

My gut tells me that this is probably the least honest thing you've said, several or many times now on this forum.

I don't mean completely not honest. I can believe he knows SOMETHING goes on or has, sometimes.

Where am I getting these feelings. Remember I've read your whole blog. I remember your saying, fairly early on, three months in maybe, that after years of on and off trying to talk your husband into an open relationship and him not being ok with it, that you finally said to him at some relaxed and feeling good together with him moment (in my mind you were in a car w/him but that could be wrong) that you weren't entirely monogamous, hadn't been, and couldn't be. And that he didn't argue or ask any questions.

Months after that you've said under questioning I think once from me and other times from others, and alluded to, the notion that he has indeed accepted that you play around, but doesn't want to talk too much about it.

Yet you've never mentioned any intervening events or discussions. This is a RATHER important area of any married person's life.

Does he in fact have any idea, at all, how active you've been, or that it's more than a once or twice one off thing?

Without you're saying more in some detail I tend to believe your initial discussion and to think that more recent "spinning" of the situation isn't so accurate.

Why am I pressing this? Well, what is this blog about if not honesty about sex and relationship feelings, as well as money and power in the mix? Who isn't fascinated about hiding or half or almost entirely hiding infidelities, particularly when they are voluminous? And so on.

dexplorer said...

I should add Mandy, when I said "least honest" above, I meant relative to what seems to me to be a VERY honest, naked and brave sex blog.

I.e. the standard of comparison is very, very high. And the reasons for wanting to soft peddle the issue are very, very understandable to me.

Mandy said...

BG - I'm not writing in bed, only reading other's blogs and commenting on them. I generally write in the morning before he's up (not intentionally sneaky, just a good time of day and quiet in the house).

I think one of the best things about Husband is that he is incredibly supportive of my writing (back when I was horribly cheating, my "leaving the house" excuse was "I'm going to go write for a few hours"). He does know I keep a blog, but not the content.

Dex - good point, and taken in the spirit in which it was intended :) I am overdue for a post about my relationship with Husband, definitely. He knows I sleep around, he knows it's when I'm away. I've told him a few times, hey, let me know if you want to know anything. And we've restated the rules about no-one he knows, no-one in our town. But mostly, he doesn't want to know.

I generally don't write much about Husband because it's very close and personal. But yeah, I probably should go there.

dexplorer said...

I would really love such a post about your husband Mandy. Actually I'd love several, or anyway covering some ground. Yeah, where things stand now so far as his understanding of what you regularly do and feel free to do goes. But also where they stand between you two sexually and emotionally as well.

I know, I know, that sounds incredibly presumptuous of me to ask and in the end I guess it is. It's just that that is rather the standard on full bore naked sex blogs, or a great many of them.

How did you meet him? Were you initially madly, sexually, in love with him, or was it always a more warm and comfortable but not super hot sexual and emotional attraction and connection? And so on.

But anyway, great to hear you want to address some of these things here. Yay!

dexplorer said...

BTW, great pic.

Courtney Love?