Thursday, November 29, 2007

Well, Hey... Plus, Coffee?

Just realized, after going to sleep weeping, waking up weeping, and weeping all over Husband in the kitchen, that perhaps some of this is due to coming to the end of the tiny blue pills...PMS doesn't usually get me this bad, but there are extenuating circumstances, and it's the first really cold, dark week here in Midwestern State, too. So, Gentle Readers, I promise you five more posts before the next traumatic and bitter one. Maybe I'll even get lucky and get on a roll.

Also - I will be in the lovely and damn cold city of Toronto this weekend - if you'd like to meet up for coffee Saturday or Sunday, drop me a line.

And since a number of you have asked, "HNT" is "Half-Nekkid Thursday". Sponsored at Osbasso's blog, about a hundred people each week post nifty half-nekkid pics of themselves and their loved ones - some of them are porn, some are art, many are amazingly creative. If that's what you've dropped by for, scroll down to the next post and there I am. I've always loved the thing Lewis Grizzard said about the meaning of "nekkid": "'Naked', that means, 'Got no clothes on.' 'Nekkid' means 'Got no clothes on and up to somethin'".


Anonymous said...

It makes me want to buy a last minute ticket to Toronto. Does guitar pan count?

Beautiful mammaries, and I love the frame too.


Tom Paine said...

Does Husband understand where all the tears are coming from? C. once said she'd laugh in my face if I let someone else break my heart.

Mandy said...

Steve - What is a guitar pan? Thanks for the compliment :)

Tom - Husband does know that I'm very upset about a breakup, and that I got in a lot deeper than I should. He's been rightfully angry with me, and also angry on my behalf that someone would treat me this way ("This guy must be a musician, because only a musician would be that much of a douche-bag"), and also sad that I feel so badly, and also needs to be reassured that I wasn't going to and won't leave him.

I'm lucky to have him - and if he laughed at me, I'd probably kill myself.

Anonymous said...

Lead (melodic) steel drum.


Anonymous said...

Well, now. That was wonderful display of ignorance. Not only do I not play guitar pan, but I don't know what one is either. Guitar steel pans come in singles or pairs and have roughly 8 notes in the mid range. I think Andy Narell plays guitar pans, but you probably shouldn't take my word for it.

Does tenor pan count? :)


The English Courtesan said...

Wahahaha, funny Mandy! I was well aware of HNT and the nekkid thing but I love that definition. Do I need to ask which one you are on Thursdays? ;-)

Livvy xxx

Essin' Em said...

Ho-k. I have just read back through the last few months of posts (it's snowing, I'm drinking tea with two cats and recovering from 18 hours of class this weekend).

a) *hugs* many of them. I think you need them.
b) I quite enjoy your blog. I like your writing style and your sense of humor and your pictures.
c) I hope you're enjoying Toronto.