Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Coffee, Gentle Readers?

I will be in San Francisco this weekend. If you would like to meet for coffee, drop a line.

A note to those who care (thank you) - right now, the blog is about four days behind my actual life. This is a good morning, this is a good day - I can't swear there won't be another abyss (or at least a small fissure) but I have come through to the other side and things are much, much better. One more already-written bitter post to go, and then we'll all step forward together into the lovely fun world again.

I'll be holding my hand back for you still finding your own way.


Dausa said...

Damn my luck! I'm in the UK and will be until Monday afternoon! And I've been an ardent reader since I first learned of your blog, too!

G said...

M - Enjoy San Fran. Everyone loves you lots and haven't given up on you. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

You know coffee, lunch or Thai rolls are an open invite with me no matter when you manage to make it.

Take care of your heart & soul first. It's what matters most.

New Diarist said...

I won't be in SF, but I will be in Des Moines Thursday and Friday. Care to make a stopover?

Anonymous said...

well thats worth making a special trip- i can't imagine a better coffee companion in my favorite u.s. city! trust me, if it were possible i'd be there (more notice please- i have a friend with buddy passes!!!).

i am glad to hear you're feeling better, beauty. i was worrying.
all my love, bg

Anonymous said...

Is sympathy wasted if it's late? I'm glad that it's late, nevertheless.

Enjoy your trip.


jjjjaded said...

Men SUCK!!!, so sorry you have had such a hard life, I have a theory, not a smart one, but a theory, no matter their intentions, all men LIE!!! Good luck to you and your broken heart

Tom Paine said...

I'm in Seattle, so we'll wave from the airplane....

Al Laddin said...

Hi Mandy-

I'm in Seattle as well...just a short trip to visit with Tom and I???


Mandy said...

Is it as grey and rainy in Seattle as it is here? I landed and remembered I hadn't brought sunglasses, but then we got into the city and I wished I had gloves!

dausa - we'll catch up another time :)

New Diarist - can one enjoy Des Moines?

G - I'm way behind on friendship, and it's truly good to know it's there. Thanks.

Thanks, all, for the good wishes.

Al Laddin said...

It' cool and misty and very "primeval" here this week. I love to imagine how it was here on this land 300 years ago when there was a thick coat of dense dark green forest, steeped in mist and chill.