Friday, February 29, 2008

Ungentle Thoughts

(Should they happen by, I hope that each of the three men I was with this week will assume this bit happened to one of the others…)

I’m fantasizing before I come. I often do, calling up the faceless strangers who watch me on the stage, the pool table, the bar, in the back alley. And in the crowd of eager hands, eager mouths, suddenly there is Lover’s face. I change venues, now it’s a club, I’m in another ring of grasping fingers, the collar around my neck. Follow the leash to the hand that holds, the arm rising to a familiar shoulder, Lover’s face again. Change. The hand that holds the bottle, his again. Change. The hand across my face, across my ass, twined in my hair, the voice in my ear, low, murmuring, come now, come for me, and I do.


demon_masque said...

It drives me quite mad when I have those moments of flesh memory when I'm doing other things. On days like this (working at home) where I know my mind is going to wander, but when I'm occupied, and they hit me it's very disorienting.

But hey, I'm addicted to melancholy, so I guess it probably happens when I'm jonesing.

Penny said...

Inescapable connection: I want him here with me while I cum. This doesn't always happen to me, but when it does the sobs of my orgasm tend towards grief.

Mandy said...

I'm hoping it will pass soon. It does make me melancholy, too.

Penny - yeah - I find that lately I weep when I come.