Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bursting forth, ready to...oh.

Late last night, I began tentatively emerging from the coccoon of
writer's block, tapping away at any and all of the past three weeks'
adventures in no special order, letting my brain happily pursue dead
ends and false trails, just pleased to be making words again.

This morning, my laptop became a paperweight.

Gentle Readers, Mac vs PC?

(I must say, the lovely feeling of not panicking, of saying, oh, it'll
be alright, this is a problem money can fix, has been worth any number
of hours flat on my back. Vive la whoring!)


six said...


My vote is for a Mac.


Anonymous said...

As a long-time Windows user and a long-time tech support engineer in corporate environments? I'm a switcher.

I say get a Mac.

Anonymous said...

Mac + really big iPod. If you can afford it.


Penny said...

Drat! I was so looking forward to the next installment. And I say - Mac or PC (I'm such a big geek I have both on my desk) but save copies all your writing in some online form. Like Google Docs or as email.

Anonymous said...

As a Mac and Windows user, I say buy an Eee PC and save the rest for Victoria's Secret.


Jarl Mezentius said...

I use both, but only because I have to.

If you don't plan on using it for much other than a paperweight (oh, yea, right, you have one of those) then get a PC with Vista on it...

If you want to do things like, oh, BLOG, email, chat, edit photos, edit movies, design web pages, design clothes, design PC games, program PC games, Build Software, build Virtual Landscapes, or just type out a letter to your friends who's Windows PC's are dead and only get snail mail...

then get a Mac, that what I use mine for...

(most of the time, I'm doing them all at the same time... and I haven't crashed once)

Osbasso said...

There's no real option here--gotta go with the Mac.

Duke Orsino said...

Two Macs. In iMac to go on your writing desk, and a MacBook Air for carrying around. Sorted.

Autumn said...

Windows user, but only out of habit. I've used Mac before and rather liked it, but sometimes I'm a bit fed up with some programs that will only run on Windows. Depends on what you personally use most.

Mandy said...

I bought the mac. And each day I hate it a little less. But each day, there is something new and stupid about it.


At least everyone I know has drunk the Kool-aid, so there is help.

Thanks, all :)