Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Coming Around to the Mac

...so to speak.

Things still troublesome -

- Hate iPhoto
- Can't play my favorite solitaire, for which I may yet install Windows.
- Something's funny with my iTunes, it won't sync up my podcasts. I'm sure there's some button I need to press and the gang at the mac store - who by now need "I survived Hurricane Mandy" shirts - will help me.

Amazing Thing One
I filled out the online survey about my experience with the mac. You know, the standard, tell us about your shopping thing. I wrote quite a bit, most of which boiled down to, "I'm probably experiencing the same level of difficulty I would switching to any new computer, mac or PC. But because you market the mac as easy-easy-perfect, that's the quality of experience I am hoping to have and feel that I'm missing out on."

Two days later, I sit down to drinks with friends of Power Girl, who also work at the local Apple store. Geek Boy says, "Oh....you're that Mandy. I've heard about you." Geek Girl (whom I already know) says, "After your first Genius Bar appointment, our guy came back and told me, 'I think I may have met the first person in the world too high-strung to own a mac.'" They fall over themselves with helpfulness and indicate that I may be eligible for either an upgrade or money back, because in the five days since I bought the computer, during which I have been at or on the phone to the store every day, a better version has come out. I resolve to call the store the next day.

The next day, Geek Girl calls me. "Yeah, we got your online survey and the manager really wants to make sure you're having a good experience, so come in when you get back from your business trip and we'll give you the newer, better computer, transfer your data for free, and set you up with a free hour of one-on-one time to learn to use it for what you need."

I suspect that, as a whore, I value good service even more than most...

Amazing Thing Two
When home with jet lag, watching Alisha Klass and masturbating (damn that girl is enthusiastic!), it's so easy to use the two-fingers-on-the-touch-pad scrolling method with my left hand, so my dominant hand can focus on my personal touch pad. Now I can balance dildo, vibrator, and not run out of movie right before I come! Go mac!


Jarl Mezentius said...

Ahhh... the diddle factor... yet another true Mac-Fan satisfied...

Anonymous said...

My graphic design friends love their macs but I would be a duck out of water. At least your store sounds like they want to improve your Mac experience. Get some rest and make them educate you... Hugs!

The Fury said...

I'm not only a sex blogger, but an avid mac enthusiast. First, let's get you some solitaire...


You can play that in the little dashboard thing without taking up your precious desktop space. if that's not your favorite choose from these:


Second, love the use of your multi-tasking with the touch pad...see mac's are better;-)

Mandy said...

Jarl - yes and yum :)

Madambutterfly - thank you! hugs back to you, too.

The Fury - you are a lifesaver, thank you! Can't wait to try them out. I think that's the thing that really strikes me - how helpful other mac users are.