Sunday, March 30, 2008

Coffee, Gentle Readers?

I am on my own again and in London, England. Holler if you'd like to coffee, Pret, or show me something I'll never find on my own (and I'll warn you, I go off the beaten path, it's a place I visit often, and my standards are high - that said, I love a person who rises to a challenge!). The email's to your right, as always.

I'm debating whether to have any...erm...professional contacts while I'm there - on one hand, new city, new rules, don't want to get into a bad situation or god forbid get deported, on the other, well, have you seen the dollar versus the pound lately? I can only hope to make it out with my pocketbook not too badly dinged...Your thoughts? Any sources you know (other than Craigslist) where a girl might meet like-minded individuals and have a chance to vet them before committing?


Anonymous said...

London is my favourite city, I think. Some of the most interesting sex of my life has taken place there... two decades apart.

Anonymous said...

Ponds for pounding??
SOunds like a good time!
have fun.

niadarkandlovely said...


You have been tagged.

The English Courtesan said...

The good news is, it's legal here so in fact you might well find London makes a safer playground... ;-)

Welcome to Blighty, m'dear!

Livvy xxx

Easily Aroused said...

Were you inundated with requests, Mandy? I'd be surprised if you weren't...


Anonymous said...

Hey - once a whore always a whore - go get 'em honey! You can tell hubby you're going shopping!

Mandy said...

Marianne - I want to hear more about that one day :)

Nia - lovely to meet you!

Livvy - thanks, it was a great trip.

And gee, it's astonishing how cheap that last comment makes me feel.