Thursday, January 31, 2008


I whip into the drug store with my mother, who needs milk, and my intern, who needs hair gel. What I need is condoms. Magnum XL, thank you very much. And I *know*...I just *know* that this will be the only convenient time and place between now and when I need to actually have the condoms in my little hand ready to go.

So as Mum debates 1% vs 2%, I nip down the aisle towards family planning, located right by the pharmacy so they can watch for shoplifters and embarrassment, grab the black and gold box, dart towards the cash.

The shelving in the aisles is all just about eye level. And I can't resist.

I catch my intern's eye in the next aisle, hold the box of condoms to my head like a fin, and hum the theme from Jaws all the way to the cash register, the box seeming to float above the shelves, something big and hopefully-not-grey on the way...

I do in fact manage to get them rung up, bagged and into my purse before Mum comes up behind me. But only just.

* * *

CD's just went into the mail box yesterday. Sorry about the delay, so I tried to make them extra special. Holler if it doesn't show up in a week or so!


Anonymous said...

I spect that was funny!

Essin' Em said...

you just won 10 million and a half points from me for doing that.

Also...I'll be moving back to Colorado in July. Which is much closer to the "midwest" I think than Philly is. We should have a West/Southwest/Midwest sex blog meet up...since all the perverts out here meet up in NYC all the time :)

Penny said...

Yay for escaping mom's eye and having fun doing it! Yay for CDs! Yay for you getting those condoms filled up right!

Anonymous said...

Email me when your passing through my area again and I will give you a box of Magnum XL's that I don't need anymore. The relationship I bought them for is now clearly going to stay friends without benefits due to some unusual circumstances. Take care and enjoy the sex! Hugs