Monday, July 16, 2007

Ahhh...a Meme...The Lazy Writer's Friend

I’ve been tagged by the Dark and Lovely Nia! I haven’t done a meme before, I don’t think, but I’m pleased to have an excuse to sit and write between a long work day and one more work obligation (that I’m looking forward to) before bed and catching up on sleep, oh my god I can’t wait to sleep more than four hours tonight…

Seven Random Things

1)It makes me very uncomfortable if the waitress doesn’t like my table. I hatehatehate it when, for some reason, we’re not “good” customers for her (and it’s always a her), because I don’t ever tip less than fifteen percent unless the service was bad enough to speak to the manager about, and I prefer twenty. So when the service is timely but attitudinal, my nature is in conflict, which is probably bad for my digestion. I also wish I could wear a little sign that says “I know I’m a single person with a book taking up your table. I plan to compensate you for that. Now stop giving me attitude.”

2)When I lie about being late or absent, I choose my reasons very carefully because I worry that it will really come true to punish me for lying. (Nothing like a compassionate God, eh?)

3)There are people who have words I wrote tattooed on their bodies. I find this both thrilling and deeply humbling. It’s a lot to measure up to.

4)I dislike all dogs except pugs, which I think are actually cats in dog suits.

5)My dad used to tell me, “You know, there are people who have never been in the newspaper or on TV.” This was totally bizarre to my ten-year-old self, since I was in the press in one form or another about five times a year as a kid, both incidentally and for achievements.

6)My regular job requires me to be pleasantly nice to lots of strangers, often at times I wish were personal and off the clock. Whoring requires me to be exceptionally nice to people with whom I might not otherwise spend time at all. I love writing because I get to say exactly what I think in the way I want to say it. Or possibly completely lie about what I think and have people believe it anyway. Yay writing!

7)Nobody knows that the reason I’m aloof at social gatherings is that I’m actually terribly shy in groups. As a young woman, this manifested itself as inappropriate comments and desparately not-funny jokes. As an adult, I'm better, but after about an hour, I really have to spend a long time in the bathroom before I can face the mayhem again. I think people suspect I’m a snob with constipation.


Randysrandy said...

Mandy - Re #2: Glad to see that we have more in common than just our high sex drives and love of the fine-turned phrase. RR

niadarkandlovely said...


Thanks for playing. No 7 suprises me :). Nice to know more about you.

The English Courtesan said...

Brilliant and fascinating and utterly hilarious Mandy - thank you for sharing these! I loved the baffling concept of pugs being dogs in cat suits - can you explain that one to me please?

Livvy xxx

Mandy said...

Randysrandy - I wondered if I was the only one!

Nia - thanks for the tag.

Livvy - I appreciate your tag, too - I'll get there :) Pugs don't shed very much, bark very much, drool very much or (if well-trained) jump up and knock you over, or smell bad, which are all pretty much the reasons I can't stand dogs. So I think of pugs as actually much more cat like and sweet.

Anonymous said...

Singing pug

la fille mariée said...

#7 is me. Completely.