Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Not Worth Doing Unless Done Well

Planning my next meeting with Tourist:

White stockings and garter belt
Nurse smock with zip front
Nurse skirt hemmed above the knee
Nurse hat
Horn-rim glasses
Clipboard and pen
Medical forms with increasingly personal questions
White heeled shoes
Wrist restraints – blood pressure cuffs?
Patient gown
Tongue depressor
Access to rented medical office with examination table, counter, sink, etc.
“Secretary” to register “patient”

And that’s why your whore wants a deposit.


Anonymous said...

Latex gloves?


Tom Paine said...

Just remember, you can only carry ONE bag on board....

Maybe you should make him come to YOU?

Mandy said...

Ooooooh, good idea on the gloves!

You'd be amazed how small I can pack :)

G said...

If you really want to get down and dirty, request insurance card, hefty co-pay and balance billing. Why not go all out? -g

Mandy said...

And I'll make him wait in a cold, drafty room for half an hour past his appointment time wearing a garment fashioned (apparently) from a cocktail napkin. (snicker)

adam b said...

Ahh, a Nurse's job is never done!

~~I'm not here often, I admit..but, when I am, you alway put a smile on my face.~~

~~no charge!

You're great.
xx,adam b.

adam b said...

Make sure he get's a draft, aft!!

(THAt'll prep him for the Thermometer, I'm sure!)

adam b said...


Mandy said...

Thanks, Adam :) I'll have to pop by your place and check out your writing!